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A resigned match: Italian “Serie A” seen by the little Sassuolo

The best word to describe last Sassuolo’s match against Sampdoria (1-2) is resignation. The resignation has been shown by the entire defense team, that in only 18 seconds allowed Sansone to run undisturbed in Sassuolo’s half field near penalty area and score, and during the last 25 minutes in wich blackgreen team has not even had the moral strength to react.

After such  low intensity, quality and concentration performance it’s frankly ridiculous to speak about salvation that is in spite of everything is still reachable.

It’s not the first time in this difficult season that there are questions about blackgreen team’s fighting spirit, that must be peculiar for a team that has as its purpouse the salvation, but last evening has failed, like the  way to play, too much at the mercy of the opponents.

Everything was wrong, the quality of play, seen only during some Berardi’s action (but this time he failed to lead the team), the interpretations of game situation.

Some expected a satisfied Sampdoria, due to last good results, but they were wrong and from the beginning the real intentions of Genoa’s team were clear.

And were clear the real tactical and technical limits of the eleven blackgreen players, who have never worried Da Costa (Sampdoria goalkeeper), while his colleague Pegolo was continuously bombed. It’s useless to talk of individual player, no one has been able to do something positive, except for Chibsah in the first half hour and Longhi (Sassuolo’s scorer). Now they can just  try with all the strength to honorate the team colors until the end.

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