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A war, also about information

This is a war, also about information. Because Russia doesn’t show in tv programs and newspapers what’s really happening in Ukraine.  I noticed that in any paper in European countries there are news completely true about this. Many journalist copy ad paste news from Russian tv, translate in their language and spread them in their countries. I understand, Ukrainian language is not easy to translate, but Ukrainian people live in many European countries  and they’ll willingly help you in this work. European people have to know the truth.

We are close to third world war, because of Russian behavior. We have to stop it all together. Come and listen Ukraine screaming to the whole world about the danger we are facing.

Think about it: have you ever heard about “Ukrainian aggression”? We are a very quiet people. And what do you know about Russia? If you want to know it better, ask to Polish, people of the Baltic countries or in the end, to United states of America.




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