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Arts, youth, Europe… Dummies. An exhibition by Schwanzo Kollectiv

Arts, young people, Europe, industrial spaces all mixed up with a dose of unpredictability. Since saturday April 19th in Fiorano Modenese there’ll be an exhibition, with many live moments, artistic performances, readings, concerts, entitled “Dummies everyone everything”. The exhibition is in the industrial buildings of an increasing local factory, Projecta Engineering. The event is created by a young center in Fiorano Modenese, two youth associations, Rocks and Tilt, but the creativity is  by the artists of Schwanzo Kollectiv, based in Berlin but composed by creative people from many countries as Germany, Italy, Taiwan, South Korea, Sweden, Canada.

All the artworks, wich are in exhibition from 19 to 26 April, were created on site, with any kind of material in an “artsymposium”, during an entire week before the exhibition itself. Artists lived toghether and with the host company, in a continous plot of relationships and cultural exchanges. The result is unpredictable and original, due to the variety of techniques and genres (paint, scuschw2lpture, video-art, computer graphic) and to the original features of the artworks in exhibition and, also, to the interesting place, an industrial building regenerated and extremely evocative.

Schwanzo Kollectiv is a pocket of artists, apolitical, non-partisan, nomad platform to launch-to-ais events related to any nmform of expression or artistic experience. This exhibition is entirely dedicated to stupidity.

“In 1969, in his “Declaration of Intent” the New York artist Lawrence Weiner, estabilished the following rules: The artist may construct the artwork; the artwork can be manufactured; it is not necessary that the artwork is realized.Wiener put in evidence the distance from the manual features and the relevance of the mental aspect through wich the artist, in a generic sense, conceives the work of art. And the technique? Also the technical capabilities are entirely contingent, is not even necessary to produce the artwork personally and get it done by artisans or professionals.

For these reasons, too often the contemporary art knowledge, to a casual and immature visitor ends up being difficult to understand and only through certain information, a sort of manual of instructions for use, it is possible to grasp its meaning, in a more or less exhaustive way, depending on the cases.

The exhibition is named DUMMIES, because it is of stupidity, what we are talking about. We aim to instill to visitor and the artists themselves the atrocious doubt, who or what refers DUMMIES to: the artworks? The artists? Visitors?


Everyone everything”.

Vernissage 19 april at 19.

Artists on exhibition are Colette Baraldi, Tom Doughboy, Musquiqui Chihying

Pasquale De Sensi, L.F., Hazard Hope, Anna-Karin Johansson, Christof Kraus, Marlen Letetzki, Zazzaro Otto, Kerstin Podbiel, Gary Schlingheider, Verena Schmidt, Tano Serra.

A playlist of video creating the event



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