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Being Europe, the association of the “Erasmus generation”

Monday 31st of March, at the PD regional seat in Perugia, was introduced the association Being Europe.

“The association” – states the president Roberto Mincigrucci “arises from the need of raising the political debate on the themes of European cooperation and integration. The principal parties are still treating the Europe as a taboo, as a evil sentry who dictates the tasks. We are native Europeans and we believe that we need to work to build an European sense of citizenship. In particular, the European semester with an Italian leadership offers the possibility to dictate the priorities for the Union and it is useful for a development of the debate in our country”.

“The association” – continues Mincingrucci “is therefore working on two levels: offering contributions of reflection to the administrations which state that they are sensitive to the European theme, but also working from the bottom and make the citizens, in particular our peers, aware of the opportunities offered by Europe. Our aim is to work not only during the election period, but specially after, when a fruitful application of the European plans is crucial”.

“The aim of the association is to overturn the idea that we need to ‘go’ in Europe and bang our fists” – asserts the parliamentarian from Umbria Anna Ascani – “rather than fully being European citizens. From this point arises the idea of Being Europe. As parliamentarian I have been strongly involved in European themes, specially the plan Youth Guarantee to fight the youth unemployment (which have also been recently discussed with the International Labour Organization). I believe, in fact, that one of the fundamental tasks of a parliamentarian is to promote the opportunities of development that Europe gives us”.

The Association Being Europe arises from a group of youngster of the so-called Erasmus Generation, which have grown up in the culture of a Europe without barrers neither economical nor cultural, which see in the Europe a big dream of peace and unity of peoples and, last but not least, a opportunity to grasp for the development of our country.

Too often, in fact, when speaking about Europe, we refer to the austerity and to the sacrifices that the recent financial crisis imposed. Too often, when speaking about Europe, a general dissatisfaction appears, which risks to bring again into question all those principles the European Union itself has been created for. The risk of a populist drift is big and endangers the basis of a pattern which since fifty years has been contributing to the peace-keeping and, above all, to the cultural enrichment of the inhabitants of the old-continent by means of a wide range of exchanges and interactions between the nations. Development and politics for the formation and the innovation are the lens through which we are looking at the Europe as opportunity and perspective: our youngsters are by now defined as the “Lost Generation” both in economical and social terms. The ISTAT has sketched a dramatic snap-shot: the unemployment of the section of young between 15 and 24 years old has reached, in Italy, its historical peak of 41.9%. Four millions of Under 15 are neither studying nor working (the so-called NEET), almost a young out of three between the 30 and the 35 years is unemployed. The primary task of our association is that of finding a way out, also appealing in a particular way on the opportunities the European Union offers. Despite the crisis of those years, Italy is still solidly the third European economy and contributes to it more than what comes back to our country, therefore is fundamental to know and exploit at full blast the European projects and the wherewithal of development that the Union offers us: it is a ground on which our country has a lot to work and which will more and more represent the principal lever of growth and innovation, in place of devaluation and creation of deficit which have been banned from the horizon.

“The Europe, for us,” – states Gessica Laloni, spokesperson of the association – “is a place of peace and development. We are the Europe and therefore we have chosen to call ourselves Being Europe. The emblem of the association is strongly evocative: we have chosen the twelve stars of the European flag around the images of the most famous European monuments. We are active both on the social networks, Facebook and Twitter, and in the society. We have made a questionnaire “Europe is”, which we will submit to 100 youngsters of different extraction. We will collect the results and publish them. The next step is to build  an initiative with the results of this questionnaire and with experts of European themes. This is, for us, the idea of good politic and good Europe”.

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