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Berardi makes 3 and “crazy” Sassuolo wins at “Franchi”: salvation is closer

If you have heart problems, Sassuolo is not the right team for you; but if you’re looking for fun and thrill, you have found the right team, or at least the right match.

Fiorentina-Sassuolo was an incredibile match. In the first quarter, Fiorentina clearly dominated, playing fast and effectively. Then it was like a spark taken and the three blackgreen forwards made it clear to the purple defenders they were unstoppable.

Berardi has proved he’s an incredible player, not only for the three goals scored, but also for the simplicity oh his play. But if this great talent offered this kind of performance, the credit goes also to his companion, who have shown a great heart, even if they threatened to frustrate it in a second half that was like an Hollywood thriller.

On 0-3, Fiorentina comes back in the game thanks to Tagliavento, with a generous penalty, Sansone remedy to the failure of Zaza and forwards Sassuolo on 1-4, but Fiorentina doesn’t surrender and find the solution in Giuseppe Rossi, who lights the dark purple evening, and he benefits also his companions, so Mati Fernandez and Borja Valero are able to let him score an easy goal. Then it’s a defensive failure to encourage Cuadrado, and the game is on 3-4.

Then the battle begins: Sassuolo closed in his bunker, lose pieces in the end (Missiroli, Chibsah, Berardi with cramps) but Pegolo says no to Fiorentina, because no one wants to lose these three points, no way.

This was the victory of a united group and the confirmation came looking at great football striker like Zaza, Sansone and Berardi who come back, recuperate the ball and never surrender: thanks to these 3 points salvation is near and must not escape.

Marco Frigieri

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