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Ukranian situation is getting worse and worse. Now is not a secret to us that in Ukrain are working Russian brigades FSS (Federal Security Service). They stand by “Partia Reghionov” party, the one of president Yanucovich. Their aim is to repress Ukranian nation’s uprising. They kill us because we are the Ukranian. They murder violently, forcing to sing the national anthem. I beg you to put on world’s net this information, in order to create the act of boycott in Switzerland.

Serghiy Liscenco, a journalist for the newspaper “Ucrainska Pravda” (in Ukranian, “the Ukranian Truth”) set the information into opened registers of companies which belong to the representatives of the Ukranian ruling party, under the title “Partia Reghionov”, with the headquarters in Switzerland.

At the end of Juke 2014, Switzerland will be leading OECD, therefore controlling Human Rights is now one of their priorities.

Moreover, Yanucovich and its mates are employing Swiss citizens. From opened registers, the journalist took companies’ addresses. Now, Swiss people must to be aware of who they are working for.

Now, Swiss people working for companies which belong to Ukranian, must know that they are payed with money bathed with the blood of Ukranian people.



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