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Bundes and Ligue 1 highlights: The law of Bayern; No Ibra no party for Psg

The law of Bayern

allianz bayern

Good first match at Allianz Arena for Bayern Munich, that wins, not convincing, against a Wolfsburg quite good, thanks to the scores by Thomas Muller and Robben, back from their super world championship.

For Wolfsburg, an useless jewel by the ex, Olic. Lewandovski fails two easy opportunities, try to remediate with a shot-like-Ibra, but ther’s nothing to do: he will have all the time to do better. Without Neuer and a certain dose of bad luck (Malanda) the match will ended with an “X”. Bellarabi takes only 9 seconds to score the quickest goal in Bundesliga and unlock the match with Borussia Dormund for Leverkusen. In the end again the “recordman” serves a wonderful assist for Kießling, who scores with a good first intention kick.

The others- At the top we find temporarily also Hoffenheim, Hanover and Eintracht Frankfurt, winners in their own fields against Augsburg , Schalke 04 and Freiburg. Draw without goals beetwen Hamburg and Koln, that moves their classification. The same X sign for Hertha Berlino-W. Brehmen Paderborn-Mainz e B. Mönchengladbach-Stuttgart.


RESULTS – B. Dortmund-B. Leverkusen 0-2; Koln-Hamburg 0-0; E. Frankfurt-Freiburg 1-0; Hannover-Schalke 2-1; Hertha Berlin-W. Bremem 2-2; Hoffenheim-Augsburg 2-0; Bayern-Wolfsburg 2-1; Paderborn-Mainz 2-2; B. Mönchengladbach-Stuttgart 1-1.


CLASSIFICATION – 3 B. Monaco, B. Leverkusen, Hoffenheim, Hannover, E. Frankfurt; 1 B. Mönchengladbach, Stoccarda, Paderborn, Mainz, W. Bremen, Hertha Berlin, Hamburg, Koln; 0 Schalke, Wolfsburg, Freiburg, B. Dortmund, Augsburg.


SCORERS – 2: Schieber; 1: Bellarabi, Huntelaar, Kießling, Müller, Olic, Robben.


NEXT MATCH – Augsburg-B. Dortmund; Hamburg-Paderborn; W. Bremen- Hoffenheim; B. Leverkusen-Hertha; Stoccarda-Colonia; Wolfsburg-Frankfurt; Schalke-Bayern; Mainz-Hannover; Freiburg-B. Mönchengladbach.


No Ibra no party for PSG

Without its leaders, injured Thiago Silva and Ibrahimovic, Psg confirm its difficulties in a match far from Paris and is stopped on 0-0 in Annecy by Evian. The mineral water team, on the bottom of the standings, does its honest game and blocks a nervous Psg (Cabaye expelled at 63th). In the end Psg risks a sensational ko. Lonely at the top flies the surprising Bourdeaux with his best player, Sagnol. Three are the wins in a row and three goals scored to the unfortunate Nice. Om of the “loco” Bielsa come back after the disappointing start and defeats Guingamp thanks to its “battering ram”, Gignac, who makes the 1-0. The coach Om offers one of his famous shows and celebrates the goal in his own way, drinking a cup of coffee on the bench. Also Monaco rises again after a schocking start of the season: best result with minimum effort and 1-0 to Nantes with the usual and implacable “el tigre” Falcao.

Second consecutive ko for Lyon, that succumbs to the newly promoted Lens. The final result says 1-0 for the yellow-red, with the score signed by Nomenjanahary, from Madagascar, hero of this Sunday afternoon.


RESULTS – Evian-PSG 0-0; Guingamp-Marseille 0-1; Bastia-Toulouse 1-0; Lille-Lorient 2-0; Montpellier-Metz 2-0; Nice-Bordeaux 1-3; Reims-Caen 0-2; Lyon-Lens 0-1; St. Etienne-Rennes 0-0; Nantes-Monaco 0-1.


CLASSIFICATION – 9 Bordeaux; 7 St. Etienne, Lille; 6 Caen, Montpellier; 5 PSG; 4 Rennes, Nantes, Nice, Bastia, Marsiglia, Lorient; 3 Lyon, Toulouse, Lens, Guingamp, Monaco; 2 Metz; 1 Reims, Evian.


SCORERS – 3: Erding, Gignac; 2: Ben Yedder, Bosetti, Cvitanich, Diabate, Duhamel, Ibrahimović, Kante, Lacazette, Maboulou, Mexer, N’Tep, Rolan, Toivonen, Wass.


NEXT MATCH – Marseille-Nice; Monaco-Lille; Caen-Rennes; Lens-Reims; Lorient-Guingamp; Nantes-Montpellier; Toulouse-Evian; Bordeaux-Bastia; Metz-Lione; PSG-St. Etienne.


Andrea Vaccari e Francesco Storti



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