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Hope from border to border: following refugees trip to Europe

Hope from border to border: following refugees trip to Europe

He has just come back from the borders where Syrian refugees’ long mach in going on. Giovanni Bursi, a 47 years old sociologist from Maranello who deals with European projects and, at the moment, is a member of Cecile Kyenge’s staff, in the last weekend has visited the border between Hungary and Austria and the

Ska Keller: “Refugees, 40,000 can only be a start”

Hundreds of refugees continue to arrive at Europe’s external borders every day. MEPs approved on 9 September a plan to relocate 40,000 migrants from Italy and Greece to other member states. After the vote here’s the opinion of Ska Keller, a German member of the Greens/EFA group who is responsible for steering the plan through

Comenius Project: chances & experiences

Comenius is an European project that involves students from nursery to the end of upper secondary education. Its specific objectives are : to develop the knowledge and the comprehension of the cultural, linguistic European diversity and its importance; to help young people to acquire basic competences which is necessary for the life and necessary competences

Arts, youth, Europe… Dummies. An exhibition by Schwanzo Kollectiv

Arts, young people, Europe, industrial spaces all mixed up with a dose of unpredictability. Since saturday April 19th in Fiorano Modenese there’ll be an exhibition, with many live moments, artistic performances, readings, concerts, entitled “Dummies everyone everything”. The exhibition is in the industrial buildings of an increasing local factory, Projecta Engineering. The event is created

Ecotrendy Berlin “sustainability is the new elegance”. From ego to eco-fashion.

It is time for changes. Without prejudice to creative and esthetic aspects, fashion is taking an holistic direction. It no longer  just clothes bodies, but also souls. It no longer reflects personal style, but our whole system of values.In Berlin, the high social and ecologic consciousness is pushing more and more brands and shops to convert to eco-fashion criteria, from up-cycling, to

Pret à diner, the unique dining experience

Pret à diner is a new temporary and itinerant catering model founded on three elements: gastronomy, visual arts and worldliness. Launched in Berlin by catering tycoon KP Kofler and American artist Olivia Steele and then exported abroad, Pret à diner creates from nothing the jet set “meeting point” during a cultural event in the host

European colors

When we speak about European colors, we think mainly at the colors of National flags, at the color of people’s skin, maybe also at the colors of our favorite team. But there are also other colors, colors we see almost every day and that can give us little or big emotions: the green, the yellow

Crellestrasse, Berlin

Crellestrasse, a pedestrian Island in the middle of Berlin-Schöneberg, is like a small village. They all know each other. They all greet one another. There’s a small square with a beautiful fountain in the middle. Trees. Children. Where, if not here, a place like Strandgut (n.d.t. collectibles found by the seaside) could be found? It’s