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Ska Keller: “Refugees, 40,000 can only be a start”

Ska Keller: “Refugees, 40,000 can only be a start”

Hundreds of refugees continue to arrive at Europe’s external borders every day. MEPs approved on 9 September a plan to relocate 40,000 migrants from Italy and Greece to other member states. After the vote here’s the opinion of Ska Keller, a German member of the Greens/EFA group who is responsible for steering the plan through

Being Europe, the association of the “Erasmus generation”

Monday 31st of March, at the PD regional seat in Perugia, was introduced the association Being Europe. “The association” – states the president Roberto Mincigrucci “arises from the need of raising the political debate on the themes of European cooperation and integration. The principal parties are still treating the Europe as a taboo, as a

“Gezi Parc”. Social movement in Turkey and the analysis of its evident and undisclosed causes

The present government of TurkishRepublic which was initially elected to govern a secular population, started damaging this secular system progressively, according to its hidden agenda. Our country, had faced similar attempts in the past which it managed to overcome successfully. The last of the attempts to suspend the secular order had taken place during the

Crimea’s Independence: reactions

At the extraordinary meeting of Crimea’s “Verkhovna Rada” (the Parliament) has been decided that Crimea is to congregate with Russia as a subject of the Federation. To continue, the representatives fixed the day for the referendum: it will be held on the 16th of March. According to Andrey Mager, vice-president of the Commission for Central Elections,

“Russian president Vladimir Putin does not recognize more the Budapest memorandum about Ukraine’s territorial entirety”

“Russian president Vadimir Putin declared that, for now, Russia has not any kind of duty to respect the memorandum about Ukraine’s territorial entirety that Russia, United States and Great Britain signed in Budapest. He said that during a press conference in Novo – Oraryovo, as said by Espreso.TV . Putin believes that in Ukraine after

The next Oscar contenders, payed for patriotism and crying

Same people, different cities, location and tv shots. In this picture we can see the same woman playing different roles. We saw same people as Odessa’s citizens, terrified by “Ukrainian fascists”, afraid for children in school; the same actresses were Harcov’s citizen the day before and told the camera about needles and vodka found in

Ireland: civil rights and equality issues in 2013

2013 will surely be remembered as a key year in the development of civil rights in Ireland: in June the Dàil – the Irish Chamber of Representatives – approved the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, which allows abortion in case a woman’s life is in danger. Moreover, in November the Cabinet agreed to submit