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Championship, Brighton the only one with two wins

Championship, Brighton the only one with two wins

The second fixture of the Championship was full emotions and goals and saw Brighton claim the top spot of the table, being (at the moment) the only team with two wins. The Seagulls, after beating Nottingham in the opener, came out on top at Fulham’s Craven Cottage, thanks to a injury time penalty by Israeli striker

Sassuolo doesn’t know anymore how to score

At the final whistle, the sensation was that of a lost opportunity. Against a Napoli that is not the same team of the last season, Sassuolo could have reached a positive result with merit. Higuain is now too bad to be true, but he has raised his head once, just in time to serve and

Ooops they did it again: Sassuolo, a new 0-7 with Inter

Sassuolo falls again with Inter just like one year ago: same team, same result, 0-7. Embarassing match by blackgreen team, that has taken the field leaving head and heart in Emilia Romagna and gave to Black and blue the opportunity to get back on the track after the stumble in Turin in the first match.