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Malta will host the “Sensational sixteen”. The Junior Eurovision song contest

Malta will host the “Sensational sixteen”. The Junior Eurovision song contest

As Malta prepares to host its first ever Eurovision event, 16 countries have signed up to take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 on the Mediterranean island. The event on the 15th of November will be the largest Junior Eurovision contest since 2007! Returning to the competition this year are Cyprus and Serbia,

An answer to Hans de Borst by an Ukrainian citizen

Dear Hans de Borst, Maybe you’ll never read this message. Maybe it’s even better. I’m really sorry that your daughter had died in Boeing 777, downed by Russian terrorists in the sky of my country. Unlike Russia, my country never started the wars and never suffered from terrorists’ attacks. That’s why each death is a

Tatars of Crimea ask for asylum in EU

Says National Ukrainian Border service: a group of 32 people in wich there are 17 children arrived at Seghini checkpoint, in the Lviv region, in the evening of March 23. They say they were Crimea’s Tatar, living near Yalta and they were persecuted by Crimea’s government, because of their help to Ukrainian soldiers. Tatars declared they

Three Ukrainian ships trapped in Sebastopol raise Russian flags

On March 20, three Ukrainian Navy units lowered Ukrainian flag and raised Russian Navy flag. News comes from “Dumskaya”, says Espreso Tv. According to Dumskaya “Tree ships betrayed the oath”: “Kremenets” rescue tugboat, “Borschiv” fire boat and “Donbass” ship, that were trapped in “Strelezcaia” bay of Sebastopol. Other Ukrainian navy ships remained loyal to their

In Simferopoli, Russian invaders sequestered the topographical center for military and navigation. A Ukrainian soldier was killed, two injured

Espreso TV informed us with the voice of one of the two Ukrainian soldiers which were defending the section. According to the information of the soldier, Russian troops, armed with rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades, broke into the section and took its chief. A person got injured and was taken by an ambulance.

Crimea’s Independence: reactions

At the extraordinary meeting of Crimea’s “Verkhovna Rada” (the Parliament) has been decided that Crimea is to congregate with Russia as a subject of the Federation. To continue, the representatives fixed the day for the referendum: it will be held on the 16th of March. According to Andrey Mager, vice-president of the Commission for Central Elections,

“Russian president Vladimir Putin does not recognize more the Budapest memorandum about Ukraine’s territorial entirety”

“Russian president Vadimir Putin declared that, for now, Russia has not any kind of duty to respect the memorandum about Ukraine’s territorial entirety that Russia, United States and Great Britain signed in Budapest. He said that during a press conference in Novo – Oraryovo, as said by Espreso.TV . Putin believes that in Ukraine after