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Come to maidan

The situation is terrible and dangerous. I’ve been on Maidan from 10,30 AM to 2 PM. I’ve lived into a nightmare. The government, using the police, killed four people. Yianucovich used violence: yesterday at 11PM he was ready to change the Cabinet, but after the call from the Kremlin he started again with repressions. Now he is realizing Putin’s plan. They hate us because we wish to go with Europe. Throughout our history they have been killing Ukranian people. Police has been pledged with money and flats in Kiev and they are ready to shoot. They won’t be given them, they will use them as flesh in Putin’s forthcoming wars in Chechnya, in Georgia. The serious matter is that people living in regions of Donbas and Cremia are against Maidan and want to stand by Russia.  Therefore, we are split in two: East part and West part. And we are now beginning to hate one another.

As Vova came to Maidan, I came back home. But I am still crying because I am exhausted. I am scared. Maidan’s women are crying, they are shouting -Kiev, get up-, -Come to Maidan to protect our people-, only together and when we are many, they can do nothing to us. But it is passing the second month we are standing in the square. Our slogans are “Ukrain”, “New Government”, “The Justice”. Now, we want to stand by nobody, neither Russia nor Europe. But tomorrow there maybe come both Russian and OON’s army. And the third world war will begin.





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