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Comenius Project: chances & experiences

Comenius is an European project that involves students from nursery to the end of upper secondary education. Its specific objectives are : to develop the knowledge and the comprehension of the cultural, linguistic European diversity and its importance; to help young people to acquire basic competences which is necessary for the life and necessary competences for the personal development . It’s very important to participate, for several reasons. For example you can have the opportunity to get in touch and meet new people who are from different countries and you can improve your English getting to know new cultures. This year the Formiggini’s Comenius Project (Sassuolo) has taken part in Germany (Wuppertal) and in Holland (Rotterdam), reuniting in this way 150 students. There are a lot of positive aspects but obviously there are also some negative ones such as the incomprehension that can exist between partners and their host families but there is always one way to communicate with each other. Some of the positive aspects are, that even students who aren’t able to have a year abroad can have a unique experience in a foreign country with all its characteristics by taking part at the Comenius project. Comenius even offers everyone the opportunity to get to know new people which will become friends and to get to know their culture and their life. So one can learn a lot and can be part of another family for a short but very impressive time. One even get to learn the daily school life and because of the tasks we have to do together and the time we spend together we all grow together to one big family. To sum up the “Comenius Project” offers a great opportunity and I would recommend it to everybody. It is a huge step in the direction of “ONE” Europe without frontiers.

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