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Crellestrasse, Berlin

Crellestrasse, a pedestrian Island in the middle of Berlin-Schöneberg, is like a small village. They all know each other. They all greet one another. There’s a small square with a beautiful fountain in the middle. Trees. Children. Where, if not here, a place like Strandgut (n.d.t. collectibles found by the seaside) could be found? It’s not easy to define these enchanting two-rooms devoted to playing. Don’t expect Nintendo, Lego, Monopoly, because here playing is rather a way of life. It is a space to indulge in contemplating and (which is even more important) touching simple and worthless things, but if you see them through the inner eye of the child that you used to be, they are in fact real treasures. No doubt, you will remember them too. Colorful little stones, funny-looking branches, feathers, shells, sunflower seeds, sand corns… In the next room there are some flying hats hanging from the ceiling at different hights, waiting for the right head to pass by. Impossible to turn down such an invitation, especially when you are accompanied by a little girl. Time flies and we hardly notice it, busy as we are in sorting out memories and bitter-sweet longings. Where are we, what is Strandgut? It’s a self-poetic, idealistic project initiated by Gerburg Fuchs and Ute Strub. No business plan, no marketing strategy, no public financial support. Only a strong will to share this delightful space and let it grow with all those who want to make it their own.


Barbara Basile



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