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Crimea. Report from the new Internal Affair Minister in Ukraine, Arssen Arvacov

1- Navy Russian Army is blocking Belbec Airport . Inside the terminal there are soldiers and Ukrainian border Police. Outside there are soldiers in mymetics uniform without any military symbol, not hiding where they come from. Airport doesn’t work, outer perimeter is surrounded by Ukrainian Police check points. As of today, no one had used weapons.

2- Simferopol Airport: after midnight a group of about 100 people in civil clothes, self identified as “Cossack squadron”, broke the airport (enclosure) perimeter and enter into the area.

Police pushed people, first inside the airport and then outside. No weapons were used. The “Cossacks” left the airport at 1 a.m.

At 1,30 trucks came into the airport facility, carrying inside119 soldiers automatic weapons armed, in mimetic uniform. They standed in the restaurant area. They didn’t hide their origin from Russian Federation’s army.

Questioned by Ukrainian Police MVD: “You are soldiers and don’t have permission to stay here”, reply was simply “we don’t have instructions to negotiate with you”.

Static situation, as of today, no one had used weapons.

Russian soldiers remained in the airport overviewing, but they didn’t stop the airport operation.

Ukraine Police reinforced their presence in the airport area. 

Tension is increasing. Urban police will not be able to face russian soldiers.

This is what’s happening: military occupation, in violation of any treaties and international law. This is an armed provocation in a sovereign state’s territory. It’s not anymore competence of Internal Affairs Ukrainian Ministry, now it’s time for National Ukrainian Security Council.

As long as there are not armed conflict, diplomacy have to find a way.





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