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Crimea’s Independence: reactions

At the extraordinary meeting of Crimea’s “Verkhovna Rada” (the Parliament) has been decided that Crimea is to congregate with Russia as a subject of the Federation. To continue, the representatives fixed the day for the referendum: it will be held on the 16th of March.

According to Andrey Mager, vice-president of the Commission for Central Elections, the question for Crimea’s bond to Russia cannot be decided by Crimea’s “Verkhovna Rada”. Pursuant to Ukranian Constitution, with the expression “the adhesion of the autonomous republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation” Crimea’s representatives break at the same time the Helsinky Treaty which was signed in 1975, where is discussed the inviolability of European borders, and another big treaty between Ukrain and Russia about mutual recognition of territories, agreement signed in 1994 by Ukrain, Russia, Great Britain and the United States, guaranteeing to Ukrain the territorial integrity after its renounce to nuclear weapons (concerning the amount of warheads, Ukrain was the third country). According to the constitution of Ukrain, Crimea’s autonomy gives it the right to hold referendums, but only concerning exceptional questions included into autonomy’s competence (forests, country’s economy, improvements, handcrafts, …)

In 2011 was decided a new law about the acceptance of universal referendum, which concerns the partecipation of the whole Ukranian population. This means that any decision to institute a referendum only for Crimea and its inhabitants is illegal according to Ukrain’s law.

According to Andrei Okara, russian political analist:

“Obviously, the presence of “Green Gnomes” (nickname for Russian army) on Crimean territory, Sergei Aksenov’s (President of the Minister Cabinet in Crimea) personality and the decision of realizing the referendum in Crimea are three indissoluble rings of the same chain. The fall of one of them will destroy a scheme of order for Ukranian territory. “Green Gnomes” will have to successfully realize the referendum and to control the situation. Aksenov is only needed to create a link between Russia and Crimea. We can say that the scheme is Putin’s scheme, but I would go further and say that this is a dangerous scheme. Because what is happening in Crimea crushes the whole system of international agreements and regular relations between countries. We could go back to consequences such as the arms race and the beginning of a war. This will be inevitable in a situation in which common rules do not work. The whole world risks to become victim of Russian aggressiveness”.

Irina (from Maidan, Kiev)



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