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Disappeared and Dead demonstrators

A 53 years old Euromaidan’s activist, Bogdan Kaliniak, died after having passed almost two months in Maidan, helping those whohad been injured and worging. During the conflicts in Gruscevscogo Street he cought pneumonia, after the police had used the hydro jet against protesters. Therefore, he fell ill. Later on, after his comeback to Kolomia, he felt sick and finally died.

We remember that another Euromaidan activist, Yuriy Verbizkiy, was buried on 24 January in Leopol. He disappeared with the journalist Yriy Luzenko.They found him in a wood near Kiev, he was died because of the cold and wore signs of torture.

A few days ago another one disappeared, another Euromaidan activist, Yuriy Andreev. The last time, by mobile phone, he told that near his house there were unknown people, then we had no more contacts with him. The message was written on Facebook by Vadim Zgama.

The 30 January a 20 years old student, Andey Nalivaiko, was arrested. He was a Euromaidan’s demonstrator in Herson. Strangers had approached his group of students and started threatening them with several weapons. The students ran to the University campus and called the police. Before the agents, strangers entered and forced everyone to lay on the floor. Afterwards, Nalivaiko was taken away.

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