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Ecotrendy Berlin “sustainability is the new elegance”. From ego to eco-fashion.

It is time for changes. Without prejudice to creative and esthetic aspects, fashion is taking an holistic direction. It no longer  just clothes bodies, but also souls. It no longer reflects personal style, but our whole system of values.In Berlin, the high social and ecologic consciousness is pushing more and more brands and shops to convert to eco-fashion criteria, from up-cycling, to fair-trade, from organic fashion to vegan. Here are a few remarkable ones. Let’s start with the radical approach of Atelier Awash. After a long reflection on the real meaning of elegance and the different aspects of sustainability – using of organic certified materials (g. o. t. s.), plantations which use a low amount of water, reduction of the carbon footprint, re-using of waste products (such as buttons), social development, sustaining of traditional handcrafting – the founder Davide Grazioli has come up with a zero-compromise menswear line that is both relaxed and timeless,  for the worldwide explorer of contemporary cultures. Champion of vegetable dyeings, Grazioli states that his clothes are “made to fade”. A few blocks away, we find the show room of the high-end vegan label Umasan, designed by the twin sisters Anja and Sandra Umann. Their unisex fashion, combining Japanese esthetics with anatomy and kinesiology principles, promotes global awareness and “Ahimsa” (yogic non-violence); the innovative fabrics are based on cellulose, free of animal derivative and rich in emollient and antibacterial substances (a treat for the skin!). This year the national prize for eco-design goes to Lisa D’s project “Bis es mir vom Leibe fällt” (that means “until it falls to pieces): a workshop for interactive  up-cycling, which sees both the artist and the client involved in the transformation of clothes and other disused objects. On the same wavelength, the duo s c h m i d t t a k a h a s h I is engaged on a mission to collect, catalogue, archive, resuscitate and re-cycle discarded clothes, saving them from destruction and oblivion. The essential mix of different fabrics and materials is also the signature style of the brand. Finally, the streetwear brand Treches of Jeanette Bruneau Rossow uses geometry and colour clashes to create a contemporary urban look, entirely made Berlin, with ecological and fair trade materials such as hemp, linen and cotton. In addition to the homonymous Flashipstore –  Treches can be found, along with other “animal, human and eco-friendly” brands such as Armed Angels, Rebello, Aluc and others – in the “vegan lifestyle” shop Dear Goods. Long live fake furs!

Barbara Basile




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