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“Gezi Parc”. Social movement in Turkey and the analysis of its evident and undisclosed causes

Thrami2e present government of TurkishRepublic which was initially elected to govern a secular population, started damaging this secular system progressively, according to its hidden agenda. Our country, had faced similar attempts in the past which it managed to overcome successfully. The last of the attempts to suspend the secular order had taken place during the last period of the Ottoman Empire and was suppressed with the help of the “Salvation Army” brought from Thessaloniki. During this suppressioRami3n, the rebellions were forced to pull back to the “Taksim Military Barracks”, where now the “Taksim Gezi Parc” is situated, and were finally quashed at this very barracks. For this reason, “Taksim Military Barracks” symbolizes the last and biggest defeat of anti-seculars and the glory of seculars. What’s happening today is, anti-seculars’ trying to rebuild this barracks, which was demolished and replaced by the “Taksim Gezi Parc”, and so to Rami4take revenge for their last defeat. In order to rebuild this barracks, as one would easily understand, the “Taksim Gezi Parc” needs to be confiscated. This is why, the cause which lies beneath the “Gezi Protests” might simply be explained by people’s wish to protect a few trees and this would be true. But from another point of view, this explanation remains insufficient; secular youth of Turkey is behaving as a new “Salvation Army” and is standing against the destruction of the “Gezi Parc” which in this case is the symbol of Turkey’s democratic system which needs to be protected.

Rahmi Kurun


Photos by Rahmi Kurun

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