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Hope from border to border: following refugees trip to Europe

He has just come back from the borders where Syrian refugees’ long mach in going on. Giovanni Bursi, a 47 years old sociologist from Maranello who deals with European projects and, at the moment, is a member of Cecile Kyenge’s staff, in the last weekend has visited the border between Hungary and Austria and the one between Croatia and Slovenia, together with the European Parliament Member.

The story is once again that of an authentic exodus, unstoppable, carried out with dignity “and now it is clear that the Europe – Bursi explains – understood that it has to help them”.

With Cecile Kyenge – he reports – we wanted to see which problems were met in the hot border areas. During the weekend we went at first to the border between Hungary and Austria and then we moved also to that between Croatia and Slovenia, which represents the new way that refugees are trying to open after the difficulties in Hungary. We could definitively see difficult situations, many people piled one onto another, difficulties in the logistics. At the same time, we saw neat lines of refugees waiting for trains and authorizations, NGO’s volunteers ready and really helpful and also at the level of government the situation is being dealt with. Europe has understood that the problem regards her as a whole, the opening of all those new migration frontier after that of the Mediterranean has convinced the Union to change its attitude”.
We are speaking about long trips, endless and filled with difficulties, but in all the stories, counting also this, the common traits are the dignity and the decisiveness of refugees, which are not crying, are not desperate and move on with decision: “I saw women, elderly people and children – Bursi, who has also written a complete reportage for the website of the magazine Note Modenesi, explains – face those difficulties smiling, three thousands of people waiting in a neat line, a lot of people sharing their belongings and supporting each other”.

Also the countries which are raising their voice, such as Hungary, are somehow dealing with refugees’ passing. “The wall is there and it is impossible to pass, but they are organizing trains to Austria and they carry refugees from the border. At the moment, we noticed a more critic situation on the other border, that between Croatia and Slovenia, specially because it has newly opened and so who saw them coming was not ready to face the situation. After a few, anyway, we saw the rising of a highly qualified organization, especially of volunteers, already equipped with tents and power units, to provide a fair welcome”.

The destination of refugees is, in any case, far North: “The majority of those we have listened aim at Germany and Sweden. But we also met people who thought about stopping on the way. I listened the experience of a girl which has chosen to stay in Hungary”.

So, everything is happening in a decent way, but there are some difficulties: “we have to think that enormous volumes of people are moving. Only in the weekend I was there, 50 thousands of people passed. It is something really complex and difficult to manage, it is necessary to work on it all together”.



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