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Icardi wins the heart’s derby, Milan climbs up again

In a crazy and full of goals day, the bigger sparks come from Marassi, where holds court the Wandagate with the contest Maxi Lopez-Icardi. That Sampdoria-Inter would have been a poisoned challenge, we knew, that the protagonists would have done their best to make people talk of it, we knew as well, and the result is a saloon-like first half, only for strong hearts. We start before the starting whistle, with Maxi refusing the outstretched hand of Mauro driving the stadium crazy, and we end with Icardi’s cunning smile at the nineteeth, after a contest out-matched both in and out the field. In the middle, the advantage signed by Inter’s number nine, with a linked provocative ellation to his former fans’ zone which triggers the first quarrel of the day, the penalty saved by Handanovic (four super saves) to Maxi Lopez himself, Eder’s expultion after a fight and a quiter second half, with the Samp which falls apart both phisically and psicologically after the 2 to 0 from Samuel.

The fighting for the Europe League becomes more and more intese, with the Lazio which loses in Naples after two winnings at a stretch and complicates the run to the fifth place. Napoli that, after a hard beginning (Lulic goal’s) finds the draw with Mertens, at his umpteenth high performance, to set then free the Pipita Higuain, which after Parma’s darkness recovers both the goal and the smile: a hat trick which kills the Lazio and brings him to the seventeenth goal in the season, in the middle of the run to the title of top-goalscorer. Three goals which hide the defence limits showed also yesterday by Benitez’s men.

Milan respects the previsions and with a goal from Montolivo wins in San Siro against a Catania more and more last and already comdamned to the demotion. Seedorf hits in this way the third consecutive victory, catching Torino and Lazio at 48 points: Parma’s sixth place, which would guarantees Europe League preliminaries at the end of July, is only three points away.

Fiorentina passes in Verona in a match with eight goals and a lot of emotion. Plus five on Inter, plus seven on Parma and a fourth place for the Violets almost uncatchable, for a team which is recovering its own mechanisms at midfield and is proving that it is better without a real and proper prominent player in the field.

At lunch time Parma and Bologna make a draw in the Emilian Derby: golden point for the redblues, in safety zone, two points maybe lost for Donadoni’s men, which see Inter fading away. Torino at the last moment passes the Genoa with two pearls from Immobile, waiting for Tevez, again bomber’s king, and for Cerci: two messages for Prandelli, the umpteenth in the season, for a Brazil which is getting closer and closer for the two Turin team players.

Roma keeps alive the challenge for the Scudetto beating with no problem the Atalanta at the Olimpico.

Of high importance the victory of Chievo at Livorno, surrounded by Paloschi’s hat trick: the team from Verona is now at just one step from the safety, not that much in a matter of points, but as far as the calendar is concerned, calendar which offers challenges more affordable if compared to those of the rival teams. Draw for Sassuolo agains Cagliari, which with a penalty from Ibraimi at the beginning of the second half draws Zaza’s goal. First occasion thrown away for the blackgreens, which are playing with Cagliari and Chievo for the last hopes of safety. Fortunately for the Emilians, Bologna’s draw make less bitter the two points lost at the Mapei Stadium: winning saturday in Verona, Sassuolo could reach Bologna, with the advantage in direct challenges.

Classification: Juventus 87; Roma 79; Napoli 67; Fiorentina 58; Inter 53; Parma 51; Torino, Milan e Lazio 48; Atalanta e Verona 46; Sampdoria 41; Genoa 39; Udinese 38; Cagliari 33; Chievo 30; Bologna 28; Livorno e Sassuolo 25; Catania 20.

Matteo Martinelli (Italy)

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