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In Cercassy was arrested the majority of Ukranian demonstrators.

In the last days in Cercassy, Ukranian city, have been arrested 90 participants to demonstrations.

This was written onto the social net “Tweet” one of the members of the opposition party “Batchiviscina” (“The Homeland” in Ukranian), Adriy Scevcenco.. He did the calculation. All the 90 demonstrators have been arrested in the last few days. It is the largest quantity of arrests since “Maidan”.

We mention also that at the time of the manifestation in Cercassy, the police department named “Bercut”, which was created in order to fight criminality, together with “Tituscichi” (the young people with nothing to do, drug-addicted, are named “tituscichi”, as the surname of the first of them to be noted in Ukrain and who had beated violently a journalist) had rounded up in the main streets of the city. They beated violently all the young people which were in the city center.




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