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In Simferopoli, Russian invaders sequestered the topographical center for military and navigation. A Ukrainian soldier was killed, two injured

Espreso TV informed us with the voice of one of the two Ukrainian soldiers which were defending the section.

According to the information of the soldier, Russian troops, armed with rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades, broke into the section and took its chief. A person got injured and was taken by an ambulance.

In the section were present several Ukrainian women, civilians who barricaded in one of the room with Ukrainian soldiers. The Russians began to threaten with the launch of grenades inside. “As among us there were also women, we decided to surrender in order to avoid victims”, said the soldier.

He refers that all the weapons which were stored in the base are now under Russian soldiers control.

Before, this case was discussed also by TIMCHUK (one of the managers of the Centre for Studies on Politico-Military) on its Facebook’s page.

There is an invasion in Simferopoli’s military structures. The assault of the heads of the topographical center for military and navigation. To the windows of the buildings in the neighborhoods there are Russian sniper. According to our information, a person was injured” wrote Timchuk.

In turn, the chief of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Serhiy Hayduk, during a contact on the intercom, confirmed that an Ukrainian officer was injured with two bullets in one leg.

According to latest datas, another soldier died for the injuries.

Hayduk told that Russian troops use shooting irons with the purpose of intimidate Ukrainian soldiers.

As the correspondent of Espreso TV says, in the territory caught by Russian troops has come a police machine with Russia’s flag.

The final report of D. Timchuk: A Ukrainian soldier killed (an aspiring officer – his name is not said) and two seriously injured. Other soldiers have been arrested.”

According to Crimean medias, the situation is exactly the opposite.

Later D. TIMCHUK gave information about how Simferopoli’s situation concluded:

After the beginning of the assault to the military buildings from Russian troops, in Kuban street 11 and 11A in Simferopoli, the so-called “defence” retired and, up to now, is blocking only these houses.

Crimean medias, on the other hand, speak about a soldier died for his “self-defense”.

Under an Ukrainian point of view, we believe that Russian’s target is to intimidate Ukrainian soldiers: a similar idea was proposed also to Yanukovich by a component of Russian FSB to deal with the situation of Maydan.

Irina (Kiev)



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