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Italian major league: Juve to the maximum, with a minimum effort

Into Catania’s bullfight Tevez, who gifts Juve with the sixth consecutive victory, crops up, as usually happens when the going gets tough. Now Juve is fourteen points beyond Roma: a distance which, with only nine days left, means Scudetto, if no error, unsuspected, shows up.

Roma takes advantage from the home defeat of Napoli and lengthens the distance from it at plus six points, grasping the second place, also thanks to a defense of Chievo “horror movie version”. Garcia clings one more time to the couple Destro-Totti, who has scored three out of the five goals made since the comeback of the Captain. They intend one each other marvelously and send a clear and combined message to Prandelli: they are in for the world championship. The absolute quality of Totti and Destro’s “killer instinct” could maybe bring the National team to that leap in quality we absolutely need in order to hope to remain in Brazil as long as possible.

In the challenge between the two disappointed of Europe League, Fiorentina overtakes Napoli thank to a goal made by Joaquin at time almost elapsed.

Inter could have taken advantage from the direct challenge between Napoli and Fiorentina: if it had beaten the Atalanta in San Siro, he would have had the chance to foster the European dream with much more serenity. Occasion lost, due to Giacomo “Jack” Bonaventura, author of a double which brings Atalanta to the redeeming quote of 40 points and stops the positive strings of Inter’s six useful results and three matches without undergoing any goal. Inter stays at the pole, or better at the poles, the four hit by Palacio, Icardi, Guarin and Jonathan.

Milan interrupts at three the serie of consecutive defeats with a draw at the Olimpico, in a week which could already be decisive for Seedorf, if it is true that the match against Fiorentina (on Wednesday”) could be the deadline of his redblack adventure. Redblack can ask no more to this championship, apart from an end without big thuds.

Parma against Genoa misses the fourth consecutive victory, but finds his seventeenth consecutive useful result, which brings him at the fifth place, the same of Inter, with a match to catch up. Is incredible the team of Donadoni, who, when is not possible to find Amauri and Cassano, draws the card Schelotto, who made his second consecutive goal after the Milan-killer he did last day. Torino rises after four consecutive defeats thanks to the performance of Ciro Immobile, author of a triple which brings him, together with Tevez, to the top of the goal scorers rank with sixteen goals. Three goals which put more in contact the attacker from Naples with the pass for Brazil, after all, how could someone dare not to call the most fruitful Italian attacker of the season?

Immobile, Destro, Totti and Cassano would complete a position in which would mix up youth and experience, class and sense of goal.

Rank: Juventus 75; Roma* 64; Napoli 58; Fiorentina 51; Parma* e Inter 47; Lazio 42; Atalanta e Verona 40; Torino 39; Sampdoria 37; Milan e Genoa 36; Udinese 34; Cagliari 29; Bologna 26; Chievo e Livorno 24; Sassuolo 21; Catania 20.

  • * a match less


Matteo Martinelli (Italy)



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