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Italian major league: Juventus is marching toward the third consecutive championship

Juventus wins the first of the three nearby rounds against Florentine, showing the nth proof of force and sewing another part of the Badge on its t-shirts. After a first half fully dominated, the only fault for Whiteblacks is that of not closing the game, making the Stadium suffer until the last minute. As it usually happens, it is necessary also a hint of luck to unlock and win certain matches, to which you come tired and you face an opponent in crisis, but still dangerous: that is how the right from Asamoah is deviated by Pizarro and becomes unstoppable for Neto, and also how Matos shoots the only dangerous shot of his team, saving a Buffon which had been a spectator for 75 minutes.
Juve is instead sailing toward the “hystorical” third consecutive Badge. Fourteenth straight domestic victory (reaching Torino’s record of ’75-’76), twentythird victory out of trentyseven days, plus fourteen (but with one match more) above Rome, which is second: huge numbers, for a badge which has likely got more than the 50% per cent of possibilities to remain in Turin Conte told it had.
The great beauty of Napoli-Roma is Callejón’s goal, which embodies the most profound and tethal “Goal’s Law”: Roma does the game, owns the midfield, is more dangerous in Reina’s zone, again and again, but Gervinho waste every occasion and so it is the Spanish wing to decide the match, ten minutes before the end of the game, with an header on Ghoulam’s assist.
It is still Palacio the one who makes happy Thohir: after the derby, in fact, it is Trenza to gift the second live victory to the Indonesian president of Inter, who until yesterday collected more disillusions than delights in San Siro. The Argentine attacker solves a complex challenge, a real and proper direct match for the Europe League, won by a Inter which deserved it, with a complicit Torino which gives to Inter the first half of the game: a header which maybe pretended to be a flank play, but that threads behind Padelli’s shoulders are its signatures on the match, fostering the spirit of the fans of Inter and ditching definitely Torino’s European hopes.
Recovered the spirit which characterized the beginning of the championship, Mazzarri brought Inter a step behind fourth place and, despite several lacks which still remain, is actually the performance as a team the most important news at the moment.
Milan is preparing to the second Champions’ match against Madrid with a loud thud in Udine. A heavy defeat, specially as far as the game’s involution showed by the redblacks, overwhelmed by the pressing and the break-backs of Udinese. Guidolin and the players were against the training camp imposed by the president Pozzo in sight of the challenge with redblacks, but they had clearly ignored the beneficial effects that it could have brought. On Seedorf have a huge impact the choices he made: the turnover did not work. With those premises, the conquer of Madrid, even thought of the poor side of the Atletico, team which is standing Real and Barcelona’s ground in the Liga, becomes almost a utopia.
Parma reaches the fifteenth consecutive useful result, winning the direct match against Verona and approaching Inter at the fifth place. Parma is a point behind Inter, with a match to catch up. The real news of the day comes, anyway, from Rome where, in a Olimipico which was desert, due to the supporters’ protest against Lotito, Lazio falls 0 to 1 against Atalanta, which had not scored at Lazio’s home since 2009. Sampdoria closes the gap of first half’s 0 to 2, crushing Livorno in the second half with four goals, Chievo wins, in the middle of debates, against Genoa and gains three points which are really important to stay in the major league next year. Finally, the match between Catania and Cagliari ends with a fair one to one.

Classifica: Juventus 72; Roma 58*; Napoli 55; Fiorentina 45; Inter 44; Parma* 43; Verona 40; Lazio 38; Torino 36; Milan e Genoa 35; Sampdoria e Atalanta 34; Udinese 21; Cagliari 29; Chievo 24; Bologna 23; Livorno 21; Catania 20; Sassuolo 18.
* 1 less match

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