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Italian Serie A: the little Sassuolo stops the leader. Juventus blocked on 1-1

It must has been the night of the black and white stars. But it wasn’t. It has been the night of the blackgreen gladiators.

The body of the warriors, the eye of the tiger, the mind of the champions, to stop the leader of the championship (1-1 the final result).

Zaza has played an enormous game, he has dictated the play to the mates, he has scored and then he has almost scored again, he fought with strength against the defense of the National team. This is a true player. And true are the qualities of Francesco Acerbi, who has never failed a match since he came back from injury, or the ones of Luca Antei, who has left in Rome the insecurities of two weeks ago. And we can’t forget Emanuele Terranova, put aside after the bad game in Milan and now came back at his best in the most difficult match. To fight against Juventus each one would have to give his soul. And so it was.

And finally Vrsaljko. Di Francesco waited for him, stopped by several accident. And now, the cross for the goal of Zaza was a pearl, and the same for many closures on those came on his side.

And it has been the night of the captain, number 4, the shield for the blackgreen blood. Magnanelli has played as a leader, often alone against all the opponent midfielders.

Sacrifice was the password also for Berardi, not accurate in the last 25 metres, Sansone and Missiroli, this last called to play in an unusual role in a midfield only for two.

It was also the night of Eusebio Di Francesco, able to instill in his men, the fighting spirit and the tactical discipline, unthinkable in the moment when we have read the lists of the two teams.

It would be naive to ignore the opportunities built by the black and white team, not so brilliant in this particular evening. This night has gone so. Now the body of the warriors, the eye of the tiger and the mind of the champions must become a sweet habit, starting from the next Saturday.

Marco Frigieri

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