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One step back: Italian “Serie A” seen by the little Sassuolo

Last game lost with Udinese 1-0, was one step back for Sassuolo from every point of view, first of all regarding playing in a slow and predictable way. It’s a big lost opportunity. The clear chance on the left foot of Zaza is the only one in a game in wich shyness came back on Sassuolo’s players (on this occasion in blue jersey), especially on Missiroli, wich were expected to carry the forwards, but wasn’t able to repeat the last two high performances against Bologna and Catania. Di Natale’s goal, due to a Pinzi’s game bad contrasted by the defense, say that is better to have some players in your team, although later he kicked a penalty to the stars.

In the middle field Udinese won easily all the duels: Magananelli has made too many mistakes and injury happened to Floro Flores has taken the team the only one able to play unpredictable. So it’s easy to analyze the rest of the game. No one can say there has not been generosity and the desire to reach victory, despite many absences in Sassuolo’s attack (especially Berardi and Sansone). But who has influenced the most of all the final score, is Sergio Floccari, who had on his right foot the chance to reach a positive result, but missed the penalty kick twenty minutes from the end.

At this point of the season Di Francesco’s players have to look with faith at the next challenge with Sampdoria (on Wednesday). It will be essential to reduce errors and take full advantage of the opportunities during the game, because from now to the end these details will make the difference.

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