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One year ago (about): on stage with Bruce in Padua. Caterino “Washboard” Riccardi and his “dream came true”

It all stems from my passion for his music, heard and played.

In 2009 I founded a band (THE FIREPLACES) and Mary Don’t You Weep along with the Stones’ Dead Flowers are our flagships.

The first normally sees the band of 5 multiplied by 3 people trying to craft with the possibility that the amateur has to be, to bring back the spirit of the gospel song.

With this love I woke up yesterday, at 5. Went to take place in the queue to enter the pit and from there up to the time of the concert I was leaning the dynamics of this event; included if we are unfortunate enough to have half the 550 and see extract 1302.

The concert begins (I had great hopes) my friend Kimberly of New Jersey but transplanted in Padua, he tells me “when people move to follow him, you slip, recovery space and show him the sign”.

As a sergeant in the Marines SHE was breathing down his neck,  until Bruce takes her sign saying “BORN TO RUN CHANGED MY LIFE”.  WHILE DOING THIS HE noted my request (BRUCE HEY I HAVE A washboard WITH ME, CAN I PLAY MARY DONT ‘YOU WEEP, WITH YOU?). I showed him the washboard: he took it and put it to the side.

I say to myself, double rip-off. I do not play and I know that I lose the tool as well.

Then show him the sign and remonstrated.

At one point he nudge (to attract attention) Little Steven and tells him we can play…

Steven says yes, why not; he is approaching, calls me to go up but I do not find the washboard that security had put aside

I go on stage, he asks me why of it all.


I tell him that I have a band and play many of his songs, including MDYW


He tell me he will not do it, but in return there is PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN.

Ok no problem, in some occasion I had played that well.

And there begins the dream within the dream, as a member of the interim … E STREET BAND!

With the possibility of doing the solo and the icing on the cake, CAROUSEL TYPE NEW ORLEANS BAND MARCHING as if he knew where I come from musically.

I hugged him and thanked him for making it real magic.

And I went down

Many who have seen me, they told me that I behaved well, both musically and humanly or without fanaticism.

Caterino “Washboard” Riccardi




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