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Ooops they did it again: Sassuolo, a new 0-7 with Inter

Sassuolo falls again with Inter just like one year ago: same team, same result, 0-7. Embarassing match by blackgreen team, that has taken the field leaving head and heart in Emilia Romagna and gave to Black and blue the opportunity to get back on the track after the stumble in Turin in the first match.

We thought we have overcomed the behaviour problems of Berardi, red card for a nudge to Juan Jesus: it’s not only because of his youth, the risk is to pay it for a long time.

It’s difficult to tell what’s happened in the 90 minutes: Inter had clear what to do to hit and hurt but no one could even think about a team so clumsy.

Huge spaces accorded to Hernanes and most of all to Kovacic have paved the way for the deadly Icardi and to Osvaldo, in the center of Inter’s play. In the midfield there was one and only master: Gary Medel: he knows how to conquer the heart of Inter supporters.

On the other side we didn’t see any idea of playing together, of a team. No closure, contrast, reading of the game. Everything was missing.

It’s necessary to stand up quickly, find the fighting spirit, dignity, since next game with Sampdoria, because lessons have to be learned for real, sooner or later.

Marco Frigieri

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