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Pret à diner, the unique dining experience

Pret à diner is a new temporary and itinerant catering model founded on three elements: gastronomy, visual arts and worldliness.

Launched in Berlin by catering tycoon KP Kofler and American artist Olivia Steele and then exported abroad, Pret à diner creates from nothing the jet set “meeting point” during a cultural event in the host city, like, for example Berlinale or Fashion week.

The elements for the international success of Pret à diner are not only great “Michelin stars” chef attending in the kitchens. As the founders says, it’s “leave the obvious and open doors to the unknown, to introduce people to a multi-sensorial space, where everyone can satisfy some of his curiosities”.

And so, a dinner become an overwhelming experience, designed in detail by Olivia Steele creative genius and her team’s. Everything begins from the choice of the location – last one was ex Opernwerkstätten factory in Berlin, next will be an Elizabethan church in Basel.

Design is specially created for every site and is extremely various and dynamic, embracing change like the only possible dimension and contains all styles, from baroque to industrial chic. Everyone can find something never seen before and something familiar at the same time.

Recurring elements in every project are scaffolding, Olivia Steele’s light concept and containers – boxes, wooden trunks, metal cages, used like furnitures.

It’s also possible to get inspiration from the big Berlin archive/warehouse, which contains every kind of furnishings, Wunderkammer objects, tissues, and let the process runs its way. Trust the process!

Barbara Basile, Berlin




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