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“Russian president Vladimir Putin does not recognize more the Budapest memorandum about Ukraine’s territorial entirety”

“Russian president Vadimir Putin declared that, for now, Russia has not any kind of duty to respect the memorandum about Ukraine’s territorial entirety that Russia, United States and Great Britain signed in Budapest.

He said that during a press conference in Novo – Oraryovo, as said by Espreso.TV .

Putin believes that in Ukraine after the revolution “a new state, toward which Russia has not any commitment, was formed”

When we say that we are facing an unconstitutional coup d’etat, they say no, it is not an armed conquer of power, it was a revolution. And if it is a revolution, it is not difficult to agree with some of our experts, who believe that in this zone there is a new State”,- said Putin.

«And with this State or regarding this State we have not signed any binding document,” – explained Russia’s president.

So, Putin flattened all the intergovernmental agreements between Ukraine and Russia, including strategical partnership of 1997 and the Budapest Memorandum about guarantees of Ukraine territorial entirety in exchange for general disarmament of nuclear weapons”.

Irina (from Maidan, Kiev)



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