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Sacca district in Modena, 4 days of “30 zone” experimentation

“Today, unfortunately, as we have heard in these days from the architech Matteo Dondé and from the guys of the Association “Ingegneria senza frontiere” (“Engineering Without Borders”), in Modena we have 62 cars every 100 citizens and we are moving with them even for short tracks, as bringing our children to school or buy the newspaper, all tracks which last less than a chilometer.

In the four days while “30” zones have been experimented in the districts, expecially in Sacca district, we have understood that reducing car’s speed in the residentials, could bring to high benefits: it would reduce the emission of polluting substances, it would increase the safety for pedestrains and cyclists, it would foster the socialization, it would make the teenagers more autonomous, it would, so, increase life’s quality for all of us.

We have understood it by mean of the little traffic moderation interventions that we have realized with the volounteers of Modena’s associations: Ciclostile, Engineering Without Borders and Legambiente. We have realized an “s” to break the continuity of the long and straight street where cars are used to run, we have made a perpendicular entrance of a lateral street on this in order to avoid too fast immissions and we have enlarged a green area, occupying almost 100 square meters of street in a crossroad which was too large and too little clear. This “cement park” was the principal stage of the experimentation where, with the help of the games for children we have installed and of the activities we have organized, we have had the chance to speak with people, to explain the traffic moderation, to see in the interventions realized were efficient or not, but also, and mainly, to bring back to life a urban space too often deserted, except from our parked cars.

For all these reasons, we will keep working with the Administration, proposing a “participated planning lab” in which the citizens can be the protagonists of the requalification of their district, which they have been waiting for since too much, in urbanistic, social and cultural terms”.


Cristina Sansotta

For the Sacca District Committee



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