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Sansone lethal weapon, blackgreen still in the race: Italian serie A seen by the little Sassuolo

From today a new championship begin for Sassuolo, it’s not too much to say, there are many reasons for it. Finally we saw a compact team, able to defend and not at all intimidated by the enthusiasm at “Atleti Azzurri d’Italia” stadium at its best.

What has surprised more about this match against Atalanta, was without any doubt the mentality of Di Francesco’s players, with three forwards often pulling back to keep the team short. It’s clear seeing how the second goal originated: Missiroli recovers the ball on the left, escapes Lucchini, who put him down and the rest is done by Nicola Sansone, the secret weapon for this Sassuolo. Berardi too sacrificed himself in a so commendable way. Blackgreen prevailed particularly in the middle field, where Magnanelli and Biondini have recovered many balls, with muscles and lungs all for the team.

Atalanta didn’t finish a game in Bergamo without scoring for about two months (0-4 with Parma, the only game lost in its stadium) and this explain better than anything how Sassuolo’s defenders did perfectly their job, beginning from Gianluca Pegolo (the goalkeeper), who has made forget the mistake against Sampdoria. Cannavaro, Antei and the other defenders didn’t grant any occasion, except for the one missed by De Luca on 0-0. It’s very important for the most beaten defense of the championship: everyone should stay calm, but this is a good starting point for the last six matches to play, with the enthusiasm that comes from a victory like this. Considering the slow pace of the competitors, believe is now right and obligatory.

Marco Frigieri

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