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Sassuolo great but not enough against Juventus. Italian serie A seen by the little Sassuolo

It started like a utopia, after nine minute it was a dream, after 35 reality came back. This was Sassuolo-Juventus, seen by a blackgreen point of view, obviously: after the controversy between Garcia and Conte, Di Francesco’s team stages a wonderful first half, disproves the words of the French coach and scares all the whiteblack people, arrived in Emilia to celebrate. In the beginning, celebration seemed to be a complete failure, after Sassuolo’s quick start, in goal after less than ten minutes with Zaza, who belongs for an half to Juventus and probably wants to insinuate doubt in Marotta about his future. Sassuolo in heaven, Juventus in hell and ball in the middle. The advantage so fast gives strength to Magnanelli and co., they keep an “infernal” rhythm for all the first half, maybe too much, as it appears surreal the statistic that talk about one only shot to goal (out) by Tevez, for the best attack in the league. But the law of the strongest has no mercy and if you survive the first opportunity, the second is a judgment. It happens at 35th, when Tevez escapes the control of the defense  and shoots behind Pegolo all the anger for a bad performance until that moment. The second half is an obvious script, Sassuolo cracks and Juventus pushes obsessively. Conte puts in Lichsteiner and Bonucci and ends the game: the 1-2 by Marchisio comes from a ball recovered and an ingenious play by Pirlo, 1-3 is a wonderful backheel by Llorente, after a rush by Lichsteiner. The game is over, Sassuolo comes back to reality, sad, but the team can look with hope to a future in wich salvation is no longer a utopia.

Matteo Martinelli

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