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Save! Italian serie A (still) seen by the little Sassuolo

Everything went like it should go”, say some blackgreen fans, but not many would have bet on the “remuntada” of Di Francesco’s boys, who gained, with this last victory, 13 points in the last six matches, like only a very big team can do.

After the feat in Firenze, Sassuolo hosted in this match Gasperini’s Genoa (already save). At 31 points, + 2 above the danger zone of Bologna, blackgreen had only one goal: to win.

We don’t think about other teams, we go out in the field to win, we will look at classification only at the end of the game”: So said Di Francesco, Sassuolo’s coach, on Saturday’s pre-match press conference. And so they did: blackgreen team approached the game well, went ahead twice and twice was taken up, but in the final minutes the blackgreen river has overflowed, and with Sansone and Floro Flores (two goals for him) gave a great joy to 17.000 people in the stadium. At the final whistle, in an atmosphere of celebration and enthusiasm, players surrounded the tv troupe linked with the other matches: when the referee Rocchi at stadio Dallara stopped the match Bologna-Catania, ended 1-2, the party exploded in Reggio Emilia, Mapei Stadium, for this unexpected and historical salvation.

The party continued in the locker room and in the city of Sassuolo, with many parades of colourful cars (in blackgreen obviously); many fans have waited for the team bus, that incredibly left Mapei Stadium without some players and without mister Di Francesco. Pegolo, the goalkeeper, reached it running like a sprinter, but the captain and the coach came back to Sassuolo by car. A little mistake, that gives fun to a day full of emotions. Little Sassuolo remains in “serie A” (and perhaps this little story in episodes on Inside Europe brought good luck to the team, so we hope).

Giulio Gibellini

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