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Separatism and Ukraine’s invasion: events chronicle

On the 26th of February several thousands of Crimea’s inhabitants went to their parliament (Verkhovna Rada) to defend their autonomy into Ukraine. Near them, there was another protest: the one of russian nationalists which asked for the annexation of Crimea to Russia. There were skirmishes between opponents.

On the 27th of February unidentified armed people sequestered the Ministry Council’s building and Crimea’s Verkhovna. Under their protection a parliament’s session has been held, changing Crimea’s government, which was led before by Anatoly Mogilev. New chief of the council is the leader of the pro-russian party Sergei Aksenov. It is not recognized by new ukrainian authorities, therefore he referred directly to Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, asking to be the warrantor of peace and tranquillity in Crimea. To the entry of the peninsula suddenly appeared checkpoints supervised by gunned people. On the peninsula was noted some movement from Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet, movements which were not authorized at all.

On the 1st of March russian protests against the new government have been held in Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Kherson. On the same day, Putin asked for the resolution from the Council of the Russian Federation regarding the extraordinary situation in Ukraine and aiming at “defending from the threat the life of Russian Federation’s citizens, out compatriots, the staff of the troops of the Armed Forces” and using russian troops to “stabilize the political situation of this country” The Council of Federation did quietly and unanimously satisfy the question.

On the 2nd of March

18:37. The U.S. Secretary John Kerry condamned the “aggression act without precedents” agains Ukraine brought about by Russia and warned that the “serious reply” from America and other countries could follow, counting also sanctions, which will led to the economic isolation of Russia.

18:55. In Moscow and St. Petersburg russians protested against russian aggression in Ukraine. Almost 300 demonstrators have been arrested in Moscow, also because they sang Ukrainian national hymn.The participants to the action explained that they do not want to be the “cannon meat” to realize Vladimir Putin’s imperial plans.

19:13. Crimea’s Prime Minister Sergey Aksenov says that ukrainian soldiers present on the peninsula are beginning to sustain his authority in Crimea’s authonomy. He is threathening the other with penal responsability.

9:23. Almost 15.000 residents di Sumy (ukrainian city) went to a manifestation sustaining the unity and against russian aggression. This was reportated by Unian.

19:29. Ukrain’s army prepares itself to defend the country from the aggression by Russian Federation:

19:59. During a demonstration sustaining Ukrain’s integrity, thousand of people in Dnepropetrovsk sang Ukraine’s hymn:

20:28 . The commander of the ukrainian nevy fleet Denis Berezovsky, at the presence of the ney “Prime Minister” of Crimea Sergei Aksenov and of russian cameras swore fidelity “to Crimea’s residents and to the city of Sevastopoli .

21:22 . Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomir Zaoralek said to the russian ambassador Sergey Kiselev that Prague is considering Russia’s behaviour toward Crimea and other Ukraine’s regions inadequate and aggressive.

21:34 . The metropolitan Onufry of Ortodox Church in Ukraine (of Moscow’s patriarchy) made and appeal to the russian president Vladimir Putin in order to avoid bloodshed and fratricide .

21:43 . “The actual position of Ukraine’s citizens shows that the country is united, the foreign aggression is bound to fail”. This was said by the leader of the party “UDAR” Vitali Klitschko in his speech to the Ukrains.

21:55. Ucrain’s Minister Council is wondering whether to close the border with Russia. This was said by Vice Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema. To avoid the presence of russian citizens in Ukraine, which are provoking in favour of the separatism in the South and the East of the country.




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