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Tatars of Crimea ask for asylum in EU

Says National Ukrainian Border service: a group of 32 people in wich there are 17 children arrived at Seghini checkpoint, in the Lviv region, in the evening of March 23.

They say they were Crimea’s Tatar, living near Yalta and they were persecuted by Crimea’s government, because of their help to Ukrainian soldiers. Tatars declared they were going to Poland to ask  for the status of refugees.

Border Ukrainian guards informed the Polish colleagues about this situation. Waiting for a decision, Ukrainian soldiers have organized the site for stay and dinner of  Crimea’s Tatars. Later, Polish border guards allowed Tatars to enter in Poland.

By now, more and more people try to leave the region. In the last days, State border Service recorded an increase in the flow of people and vehicles entering in Ukraine from Crimea. Last news say that about a thousand people have been forced to leave Crimea.

Irina (Kiev)



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