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The football supporters in Germany, so different from the Italians

Today we are speaking about football. I have always been a supporter and a constant aficionado of football, the same for the championship, the cup or the national team. So, during the years I have found myself in even delicate situations where, not to risk my safety, I have rooted for the other team because the ticket, offered or bought, was in the wrong sector. Yes, I am not a marter and I care for my skin, all the more that I really am sportsman-like: I am not disturbed if someone next to me cheers for the host team. So, when I have reached Germany and I have been invited to a Champions League’s match by one of my german friends, Bayern-Juventus, I took care to clearly explain that I would would not have come in a stadium to see my favourite team and not say a word. Well, I can not forget the astonishment in his eyes. Yes, because here in Germany you do not go to the stadium to make war, but simply to enjoy a sport evening and in the best hypothesis to see your own team winning. He explained me that I could have cheers as much I wanted for Juventus, the only condition was that I couldn’t have offended anyone. “Well, at maximum I will say a ‘horned referee’ ” I said. My German friend is still laughing. In these 17 years of Germany I have had other experiences like this. Werder Bremen-Juventus: I am sitting in the Werder’s zone. Only green around me (Bremen’s color). When Trezeguet scores the 1-0 goal…well, in the best Italian style I scream with all my breath. Then, around me the silence, also the friend who came with me wasn’t speaking. Half of the sector turned to look that blackwite flag and I was thinking that I was in big troubles but…after a few seconds, everyone was looking back to the match. Truth be told, Juve had lost 3-2 and you can not even imagine what delight it was for those 5.000 Germans to have an Italian supporter to tease. There will probably be situation in which you will need to be careful (some crazy people exist everywhere) but in the entrance of every stadium there is a billboard which states: “Who offends the referee will be turned away from the stadium”, and this is a good thing.

Alessandro Lanzi




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