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The presidential scholarship holder “the most intelligent” Vladislav Companiez, arrested – because he was looking at the hold of States’ regional administration

The presidential scholarship holder studying at the Ukranian Minor Accademy for sciences, one of the participants in the quiz “the most intelligent”, the excellent student,  l’ottimo alunno, disabled since when he was a child Vladislav Colomiez was arrested according to the sentence of the court of region Sosnovschii’s tribunal of the city of Cercassy. He’s now under inquiry and will stay in isolation for the next two months.

Uselessly the lawyer Tatiana Graciova tried to prove that the student-designer at the Technical University, to whom were taken away two meters of the intestine and part of the stomach, doesn’t need to be kept isolated, but house arrest would be enought. The Court did choose in his own way.

Vladislav, as other charachters in this fact, has been imputed the p.294 (mass disorders, which calls for freedom privation from 5 to 10 years)
-On that evening Vladislav had read on the Internet about the assault to the House Council and he decided to go and see it with his own eyes- reports Vlasislav’s mother, Elena Vladimirovna.




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