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The return of the goal, scored and conceded. Italian “Serie A” seen by the little Sassuolo

Passed the psychological shock of 0-7 with Inter, Sassuolo went to the Olimpic Stadium in Rome with the spirit of its best time.

It’s a pity that the team had the usual and inexplicable approach to the match, with a generous defense that we thought we could forget.

It’s true that the first goal by Lazio (Mauri) has born by an individual play, but since the first minutes the strenght of Lazio was more than that of Sassuolo.

The anticipation of Cannavaro by Djordjevic for the 2-0 confirmed this.

And fortunately the boy with the 25 jersey is back; the man who has the responsibility of all the team, the number one in the game, Domenico Berardi. He scored the goal for 1-2 and has obtained and scored the penalty for the second blackgreen goal. He gave the constant sensation that every ball passed by his feet could have made something magic.

But not even the super start in the second half by Berardi, could have put aside the defense amnesia: Antei has failed many times, like in the occasion of the counterattack that determined the foul and expulsion for Peluso.

This 3-2 is heavy for the defeat itself, but also for the troubling question that remains: what is the real Sassuolo? The one that grants several opportunities, or the one that lock itself in its half field and can’t even make a dangerous action.

There isn’t a reply to these questions by now, and the fact that there isn’t is the symbol of this disappointing start of the season.

Marco Frigieri

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