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Traveling and blogging in Poland. An Italian experience

In June (10 to 15) five italian bloggers visited Poland in collaboration with Polish Tourist Organization, telling all their experiences in a page called

The chosen bloggers were Giovy (; Gian Luca (; Veruska (; Chiara (; Paolo (

During their travels, they have chosen in particular one topic each: Nature, Culture, Food, Young people, Design.

The final result of this experience is now in, the best place for Italians who want to know something new about Poland and want to visit this country.

Forests and bisons in Podlasie and the Ila Masuria lakes are the focus on the Nature blog; Solidarnosc 25th anniversary is in “Culture”; good restaurants, Polish cuisine and craft beers of Poznan in “Food”; University towns of Krakow and Wroclaw and their nightlife in “Young people”; urban renaissance of towns like Warsaw and Lodz is the theme of “Fashion, design and lifestyle” blog.

Now the trip is over and the blog readers had to vote the best report, to win a trip for two, obviously in Poland.

The blog is on-line and is full of interesting information.



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