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This “all news portal” was created in order to put in direct contact European Union members one with the other and also with those who wish to become EU members. It does not collect news that can be easily found on already existing newspaper, but information coming from European Union’s inhabitants and members from near or far countries. Here, they can tell something about their country, their city, their neighborhood or their family.
We want whoever lives in Europe to be able to open a window onto other Europeans’ life, onto their real problems, expectations, passions and daily experiences.
Any kind of contribution is waited for and welcomed, any kind of topic can be interesting and worthy, anyone can contribute.
The Union is not only in politics’ palaces, it actually is into people and through those pages maybe we will find out how much we have in common.



It is simple to participate. You just send your article by clicking on the yellow window on the right side and filling all the strings. We prefere no more than 2000 characters. You may send also pictures related to info@insideurope. com. Articles should be written in English and if written in other languages they will be translated by Insideurope. Texts will be published by our responsible without any cuts or changes. It is possible to write both occasionally or periodically, without restrictions or bonds. Articles containing slanders, insults or an inappropriate language will not be accepted.