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Why the government keeps on arresting demonstrators in the region of the country?

Kiev’s situation appeased only in “Maidan”, why? Because politicians keeps on trying to find an agreement between the government and demonstrators inside the Perche` i politici continuano a cercare di trovare un accordo tra il governo e i manifestanti inside the Palace of Deputies (Verhovna Rada of Ukrain). In suburbs and other country’s regions repressions against demonstrators are still going on. For now, more than 100 people have been arrested.

Repressions going on in the regions of the country show that neither politicians nor the President have understood that in this way the situation keeps getting worse and the dissatisfaction keeps growing in the whole caountry, not only in Kiev’s downtown, were people didn’t vote for President Yanucovich either in the past or now.

Boris Filatov and Gennadiy Corban, owners of a shopping center in Dniepropetrovsk, and people who are supporting the opposition party “Svoboda” (“Freedom”, in Ukranian) have been forced to move abroad: at first, policemen came to do a search, with the excuse of finding information about extremists in the office. Then, the owners had recieved a call from the police to show up to an interrogation.

In Kirovograd’s Maidan, “Tituscichi” (, armed with hammers, attacked demonstrators of the local Maidan. As Serghey Mihalionok, one of the coordinators of the manifestation, said, police didn’t intervene in the conflict. Disorders have been stopped only after a part of protesters was admitted to hospital. And there are no guarantees that they would not be arrested after.




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